You Are Safe With Me | Safety Pin Project

A safety-pin. It may be a simple item found in most sewing kits but lately it has taken on a bigger meaning.

I’m sure you have seen the articles circulating around Facebook and other various social media, but I wanted to touch upon it here.

This is bigger than the election, it is about safe space FOR EVERYONE.
Wearing a safety-pin means you are a safe place and will stand up for everyone.
That you are safe place for people who may be and are being discriminated against.
It is a message of hope, small but mighty.

Although this election may have brought the “hate” into the eyes of the media awakening the masses. We as the human race cannot just pretend this idea of discrimination and hate is a new concept or idea.
Discrimination has been happening for years, decades and centuries.

But now we have a chance use social media for good, a chance to educate and spread the word about this movement.
We have a chance to come together stop bad situations from occurring and put those situations to an end.


You are safe with me.

I am also going to link the well written blog post by Isobelde Debrujah
I really enjoy her honest writing and this post has some great information you may need to arm yourself with, making a plan for tension diffusion and de-escalation.
It is seriously worth the read.


Stay Safe out there everyone.
Love may trump hate but it never hurts to be vigilant.
I still believe humanity is good but this a chance for unity and I am not throwing away my shot to make the world a better place.

What do you think of the safety-pin project?
Let me know in the comments.



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