Getting Ready On A Bad Day

Everyone has a bad day sometimes.
It is completely normal and part of what makes us human.
It may be end of the semester stress, school stress in general or personal reasons.
The list can go on and on really, but no matter the cause everyone has experienced feeling a little bit out of sorts.

Here are some things that I do to get ready on a bad day to make the day a little bit better.
I hope if you try them it will help you as well.

Firstly, it is also important to remember when going through a rough patch that there are lots of good things going on too.  There is always a light in the darkness and sunshine peaking through the clouds.


Put on some: Makeup

 The one thing that always makes me feel better on a bad day is when I put on my makeup. I don’t put makeup on to hide or cover anything up. It is just another way I choose to show creative self-expression and something that I enjoy. It also is a nice way to show self-care and doing something productive with your hands can make you feel better too.
Although on days like these I tend to stick to the looks I know and like (tending to stick to my favorite products; a bad day is not the time to try anything new).
I also tend to opt for a more natural makeup.

Foundation: I usually can’t be fussed pulling out a beauty blender and all that so I typically reach for my cushion compact. It provides just enough coverage but also provides a natural look. I can just whack it on and it give me enough coverage to feel a bit more human but still looks very natural. My favorite cushion compact is by the brand Laneige.

Eyeshadow: Aroma Therapy is great; what is ever better is when your makeup smells of chocolate. On bad days I reach for my Too Faced Chocolate bar and Bon Bon palettes.

Mascara: Waterproof mascara: All of it. Since it is a bad day there might be some crying or a lot of crying and that is okay. Either way, I would rather be safe than sorry.
My Too Faced: Better Than Sex Mascara (waterproof addition) does the job. The packaging is very cool because the bottle is texterized and looks like it has water droplets on it.

Blush: Adding a little bit of color to my cheeks i reach for my Too Faced: Love Flush Blushes. I really like these because they look very natural.

Lip Oil: Lip oil’s are the perfect way to add some hydration to your lips. My favorite lip oil as of late would be Julep’s tinted lip oil, they add not only hydration but also a little bit of color.


Pick out an: Outfit

Comfort is key for me on bad days.

In the winter and fall I reach for cozy knit sweaters or a button up flannel.
But sometimes I also reach for favorite articles of clothing that hold a special memory for me. When I put on a favorite shirt that I got on vacation years ago or a cozy sweatshirt with a witty saying gifted to me by a friend. I tend to reflect on all of the memories made in them and those memories can’t help but make me smile.

Read a good: Book

When I am feeling down words are a great comfort. I think one of the best books I’ve ever received was Don’t sweat the small stuff by Richard Carlson, PhD

“Treasure the journey. Before your mind skips to the trials and tribulations that you may face today, or the fact that today your life might not be what you had expected or hoped for,take the time to repeat these words to yourself; Today, I will treasure the journey”

-Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff


Have yourself a: Cuppa….Tea

Tea or any warm beverage instantly gives me comfort.
The warm porcelain of my favorite mug beneath my fingers, the steam rising from the cup. Something about that just lifts my spirits.

Have a good: Cry

Although I am not a fan of crying (and really who is) but sometimes it can be exactly what your body, soul and mind needs. Crying is a stress reliever and it may help get out all of your feelings and talk out what’s wrong.
Never be afraid to have a good cry for yourself.

Do something that: Spark(s) Joy

Go and do something fun!
Treat yourself. One of my favorite things to do when I am feeling sad is to go see a film or even painting my nails.
But going shopping, going to a favorite cafe or just watching a favorite program at home can be great too.
Doing something that makes you smile can make you breathe a little easier.

If you are having a bad day  just know that I am thinking of you.
I’ve been there too.
It will be okay.
Just take the day one moment at a time.

How do you get ready on a bad day?
What makes you feel better?

Let me know in the comments
Love you lots



You Are Safe With Me | Safety Pin Project

A safety-pin. It may be a simple item found in most sewing kits but lately it has taken on a bigger meaning.

I’m sure you have seen the articles circulating around Facebook and other various social media, but I wanted to touch upon it here.

This is bigger than the election, it is about safe space FOR EVERYONE.
Wearing a safety-pin means you are a safe place and will stand up for everyone.
That you are safe place for people who may be and are being discriminated against.
It is a message of hope, small but mighty.

Although this election may have brought the “hate” into the eyes of the media awakening the masses. We as the human race cannot just pretend this idea of discrimination and hate is a new concept or idea.
Discrimination has been happening for years, decades and centuries.

But now we have a chance use social media for good, a chance to educate and spread the word about this movement.
We have a chance to come together stop bad situations from occurring and put those situations to an end.


You are safe with me.

I am also going to link the well written blog post by Isobelde Debrujah
I really enjoy her honest writing and this post has some great information you may need to arm yourself with, making a plan for tension diffusion and de-escalation.
It is seriously worth the read.


Stay Safe out there everyone.
Love may trump hate but it never hurts to be vigilant.
I still believe humanity is good but this a chance for unity and I am not throwing away my shot to make the world a better place.

What do you think of the safety-pin project?
Let me know in the comments.



Get to Know Me!

Four Places I’ve Lived

  1. Mountain Top, PA : This is where I grew up and so began my love affair with nature in this rural area.
  2.  Rockaway Beach, NY : My home away from home when I was a model full time. I miss it so much, the hustle and bustle of the city only 2o minutes away. The beach right across the street from my apartment.
  3. State College, PA :Where I went away to school at Pennsylvania State University. It’s a very cute college town.
  4. Scranton, PA : Where I am currently living finishing up my degree in Human Development/Family Studies and Psychology.


Four Places I Have Visited

My list is very long but these are my four favorites:

  1. The Bahamas : Probably one of the best vacations I’ve ever been on, the beaches are stunning.
  2. Orlando, Florida : Home of Disney World and now made even better because two of my best friends live there!
  3. Los Angles, California : Sunshine, need I say more?
  4. London, England : It may not be the sunniest place in the world but I’ve enjoyed every visit.

Four TV Show’s I Watch

  1. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries : This is an Australian show that can be found on Netflix if you love the 1920’s and murder mysteries this show is for you too.
  2. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt : I always appreciate a show that can make me cry-laugh and this show does just that.
  3. Crazy Ex Girlfriend : I’ve been a fan of Rachel Bloom for years and pretty much any time a show has musical numbers that show will be my favorite thing.
  4. Scream Queen’s : With an all star cast and dialogue that pushes the boundaries of what can be said on TV this is just a fun show with an amazing all star cast.

Four Favorite Food’s

  1. Pizza (aka rebel produce) I will have a pizza at any time! I just love it.
  2. Sushi : It is a joke amongst my Asian friends that I was born on the wrong country.
  3. Gyro’s : If you’ve never had one you need to go to your nearest Greek Diner IMMEDIATELY!
  4. Salmon : Ive had a love hate relationship with salmon. But my Uncle convinced me to try some last summer and I’ve been hooked ever since.


Four Thing’s I Like to Drink

  1. Tea : I have a cup every morning and I feel really out of sorts when I don’t partake in my daily cuppa!
  2. Lemon Water : I find it so refreshing!
  3. Sweet Tea : The addiction is real, my Southern friends will understand.
  4. Wine : Because I am a classy lady.


Four of My Favorite Books

  1. The Glass Magician by Charlie Homburg : The first in a three part series this story follow’s the journey of young magicians apprentice learning her assigned craft.
  2. Kitty Kitty (Sequel to Bad Kitty) by Michele Jaffe : This series is one of the most unique I’ve ever read. The cast of characters are full of personality what I will always enjoy about this book are the little breaks from the story, full of relevant conversation between the characters in side notes.
  3. Ticker by Lisa Mantchev : Set in the exciting steampunk era this book has so many twists and turns. I often find myself reaching for this book because of the lovable characters and exciting plot.
  4. Black-Eyed Susan’s by Julia Heaberlin : One of the best mystery books I’ve read this year, I would highly recommend this book. It is a little bit on the creepy side but the ending was wonderful.

Four Interesting Jobs I’ve Had

  1. Dog Walker : Best job ever because so many adorable animals.
  2. Marketing: Street Team Member at Harper Collins : A great experience and if you ever get a chance to work on or with a street team, go for it. It is truly unique experience to work with author and fans to spread the word about the series.
  3. Model : One of the longest job’s I’ve had although it’s not my full-time job anymore it allowed me wonderful opportunities, I made so many wonderful friends and let me see the world.
    (the pictures up top were from the last photo shoot I did this year for an urban photography magazine)
  4. Birthday Party Princess : Who doesn’t want to want to make a child smile and wear a sparkly dress.  I’m going to write a blog post on this later so stay tuned!

Four Favorite Hobbies

  1. Writing : One of my biggest dreams is to be a published author one day. But I also really enjoy writing, I started this blog to push myself to write more often because it truly does make me happy.
  2. Water Color Painting :  I’ve always loved how painting can free your mind. You don’t even have to think of anything specific to create something beautiful. Just put brush to paper and creating is so wonderful.
  3. Dancing : Good or bad at this activity it’s just a lot of fun. You can dance to a powerful ballad with so much emotion or just be silly.
  4. Nail Art : I love nail art because even if I don’t have the time to sit and paint everyday  I can still design something on a small scale. I really love how much joy nail art can bring to my friends as well, regular nail art parties have become an monthly  occurrence. I love sharing what I love with them and there are never a shortage of giggles, sweets and fond memories!


Thanks for taking the time to get to know me!
I hope you are having a wonderful week!