Just Say Yes: Part II

After the overwhelming response from my “Just Say Yes” published on August 22nd,
I decided to turn Just Say Yes into a series.
I hope it inspires you to say yes to things, as I jump out of my comfort zones by doing the same!

As I thought about what I could do to further push myself something obvious popped into my head.
Saying yes to making time for my best self.
This may be a normal thing for some people but not really for me.
Between school and almost three full time jobs it can be hard to make some time just for me.
I try to take baths and have some pamper sessions as often as I can to combat the stress but sometimes that just isn’t enough!

But what to choose in the limitless options we have in the world to do just that?
I decided to take classes at a new studio at least three times a week.
But not just any classes, some yoga classes and some dance classes as well.

Now some of you may be wondering, what is so special about that, so many people take classes all over the world.
Well I haven’t taken any kind of class in ages and to challenge myself even more, I decided to take these classes just by myself.
Not bringing anyone with me.
Saying yes to the challenge of sparking a conversation with someone new and opening myself up to new friendships.

I often feel that others in our age bracket are so hesitant to venture off and do something new or old by themselves.
I understand why of course but I think it is often important to just be by yourself.
I feel like generationally the fear of being alone is so prevalent it can rule over almost everything we do but we must fight that fear.

It was very nerve racking, I was nervous but I’m very glad that i went ahead with it!
I have now fallen in love with Aerial Yoga.
If you haven’t tried it and if it’s offered at a yoga studio near you, I would highly recommend it for sure.
There is an extra level of spirality added to this practice of yoga, hanging in the air and trusting the coupling of the scarves and your body to support you.
Its truly a unique experience.

As for the dance classes so far I have taken out of my comfort zone are Contemporary and Hip Hop.
Two of which I have never taken before.
I work in a dance studio and I can dance but its a whole new game when you take a style you’ve never tried and in a new studio with new instructors.
Half of the challenge is learning how to learn the choreography, how the instructor teaches said choreography and breaking your original motor plan of what dancing is in your own mind for that particular style.
It is a struggle but for the three times I’ve gone these past few weeks it has been amazing totally worth it.

I feel more relaxed and more energized and who doesn’t need more of that in life?!
In fact I find myself so excited to attend the classes I’ve committed to thus far!

I guess the take away once again is don’t be afraid to Just Say Yes!
Don’t be afraid to try something new by yourself and open your life up to new people!

Although it was a bit nerve racking I now have the confidence to go anywhere even without the support of a friend group by my side.
In fact my enthusiasm for trying something new has changed my friends perspective on this topic.
You don’t always have to have a big group with you to try something you’ve always wanted to try!
Just say yes!
Take that class, learn some new dance moves, take a walk by yourself getting in touch with your thoughts and gain even more confidence along the way!

Say yes to becoming your best self.
Just say yes!

Have you tried something you’ve always wanted to try recently?

Let me know in the comments!




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