Summer Getaway: Avalon, NJ



We all have one.

That one vacation spot that holds a special place in our hearts.
Not so much because of the location, but rather because of the people you get to spend time with while you are there.

Avalon is that place for me.
It is the one time of year where the majority of my family gets together for a week of sun, sand and laughter.

No matter how many times I walk the beaches in this tiny cozy town I never get tired of the sights or the people.
I especially will never get tired of the ice-cream.
That ice-cream shop pictured above is pure heaven and if i could have one wish it would be to have a window to that ice-cream shop in my home.

It could be because of my amazing family or the ice cream.
Silky sandy beaches or the sunsets that can steal your breath and make you appreciate the little things.
Avalon slows down time for me, I can catch my breath.
A week of worry free bliss.
I only leave with good memories and a countdown set to next year.

Where is your special vacation spot?
Have you ever visited Avalon?

Let me know in the comments!



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