Unicorn Hair

A few weeks ago I decided to take the plunge and finially book my appointment to have the fashion colors I have wanted for months done!
Mostly my bravery was all thanks to my wonderful friend who has rocked fashion colors for the last few years.

Although it was very nervous about doing something so drastic to my hair I was also very excited.
It wasn’t the fact that I didn’t think I could pull it off, more of the fact that I was uncertain if it would turn out the way I had pictured it in my mind.

I arrived bright and early at the salon for my 11am and I didn’t end up leaving until 4pm!
It is a very lengthy time wise since it is a two step dying process and the colors have to be hand blended in the middle to achieve the most natural look.

The first step was the lightener!

Who knew my hair could be that blonde!
But I actually kind of liked it, it was very interesting!


Next was step two where my colorist mixed the colors purple and pink and began hand painting each individual color into my hair!

This took the longest because I have very thick hair.
Then I had to sit for an hour to let the color process!


But as you can see even though I was at the salon for a very long time the end result as worth it!



Final thoughts on fashion colors, I absolutely love it and I am so happy I went ahead and did it!!
I’m looking forward to my next color change!
I don’t think I can ever go back to having normal hair now!

Have you ever tried and crazy colors?
Do you have any suggestions on what my next colors should be?
Tell me in the comments!



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