July Julep Box

Monthly Beauty Boxes are my new favorite thing this year but i think out of all of the ones I’ve tried Julep’s is my favorite. If you love nail art and nail polish as much as I do, the moment you think Julep you think of the unique nail polish, bottle design and awesome colors! Another unique thing to Julep’s nail colors are the color swatting stickers on the caps of the bottles! It’s so useful!
I also love the flair that every nail product has a name and style assigned to it.
Due to my busy schedule I don’t really have time to go and roam shops for nail  polish, its sad but true.I really have missed growing my nail polish collection.
But the monthly Julep box solves the problem!
Every month I receive either two nail varnishes and a beauty product OR two beauty products and a nail varnish. Julep also add’s a nice touch of a different sweet treat included in every box.

Since I’ve been enjoying my boxes so much I though it would be lovely to share them and do a little review as well! So without further delay, here is the all the goodies in my July box!




Firstly, the whole #bravepretty thing is hashtag amazing!
We need that and incase no one has told you today; Hello! You are beautiful, loved and important. Whatever you put on your body you can pull it off. Express yourself in whatever way you see fit because no one else can be like you, you are the only you in this whole entire universe and I think that is pretty  darn special!
I hope that you agree!

But back on topic this campaign (can I call it a campaign?) is wonderful! Often I find that is so easy to put ourselves down regardless of temperament.
I really enjoy that this sweet message is one of the first things you see when you open the box every month.

The next thing you see it a beautiful quote
“I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living”
-Anais Nin

I don’t know about you but this speaks to me. A little reminder to live life to the fullest and dream as big as you dare is always appreciated!

This months box I received:

So Radiant: Diamond Powder Bronzer
Julep Lip Gloss in the shade: Charming
Julep Nail Color in the Shade: Annalise Boho Glam
Pizazz Juicy Jelly Watermelon Candy

The Diamond Powder Bronzer is perfect! Let me tell you why! It matches my summer tan perfectly and isn’t overly shimmery like most bronzer’s tend to appear. It really does just add a little subtle glow to your skin and it really does make you look radiant!

I will be the first to admit that I’m not typically a lip gloss person. I don’t like when my lips  feel sticky, hard pass.
BUT this Julep lipgloss honestly isn’t that think or sticky and I’m pretty sure I can deal with it. It is also very hydrating due to the blend of rosehip sead oil and a bunch of other great stuff.
Beneficial beauty products are my favorite.

The Annalise nail color is gorgeous, it appears to be a matte light purple until you look closer. Tiny little purple irridecent sparkles dance in the nail color bottle as it catches the light and it looks even more gorgeous when painted.
I am wearing this color right now and I am in love! Its just enough shimmer to give it a little something but yet still be mature and sophisticated.

The jelly candy you ask? Well it was delicious!
I ate the whole thing and it was awesome!

What are some of your favorite Julep products?
What are some of your favorite beauty boxes?
I would love to know in the comments!

I hope you feel #bravepretty today!


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